Tips On How To Shop For Plus Size Clothing Online

Monday, March 30, 2015

Since I'm plus size and shop online I honestly assumed all plus size women did.  It’s not until I started working at a clothing store that I came across plus size women who never shop online.  When I would ask the ladies why they don’t shop online they all say would say, "I have to try my clothes on". It's understandable wanting to try clothes on before you purchase them, but physical plus size stores are really limited.  There are literally 100's of online plus size stores and boutique with amazing plus size fashion like Asos Curve, Rebdoll, Misguided and more.  It hurts that a lot of my fellow plus size ladies are limiting themselves to only physical stores when online shops have so much to offer.   I decided to write this article to hopefully help plus size women who don't shop online feel more comfortable with it.

Measure Yourself

All plus size and non plus size websites offer size charts.  Size charts are basically graphs showing the inches that each size accommodates.  The inches that are usually shown are the bust, waist and hip.  Some websites categorize their sizes like 12, 14, 16, 18 etc but some site use 1X, 2X, 3X and so on. By getting measured before you start online shopping you can use your inches to look though the size chart to pick your correct size. Here is an example of Torrids size chart:

Torrid Sizes
Low Hip

Check The Return Policy

Since a lot of ladies need to try there close on, checking a sites return policy will help.  Checking the return policy you will know if you will be stuck with an item that doesn't work out, or if you will have the option of returning it for a full refund. Some sites offer free return shipping and others you will have to pay for the return, but that will be specified in the return policy as well.  The return policy also will show if the company offers exchanges.  This is what it reads on Asos Curve website for their return policy:
·                          We want to give you a hassle-free way to return anything, so you can return any item to us within 28 days of receiving your original order, including sale items.
·                          Its free and fully trackable. Just fill out the Returns Form enclosed with your order and use the label provided to post back to us via USPS.

Read Reviews On Company

Reading the reviews on a company can sometimes help a lot.  Previous customers are really great with leaving feed back on items they've purchased.   If a site runs small or large you will usually repeatedly see that through out customer comments.  Since all sites don't feature customer reviews, you can always check out sites like and search for the company to check their reviews there.

Purchase Items Early

If you’re new to shopping online, I suggest ordering items for an event at least 3 weeks in advance.  The worst fashion feeling is waiting for an item to come in the mail for a special occasion that might not even fit.  By giving yourself that much time if you need to size up or down or if the item isn't what you expected you will have ample amount of time to return or exchange.

Know What Flatters You and What You Like

If you already have an idea in mind of what you like to see yourself in or what flatters you that can make your online shopping experience a little easier as well.  You can look for similar items you already have in your closet that you love and have an idea of how it fits you.  For example my top searched items on sites are midi skirts and dress because those are my two favorite types of clothing.  Usually somewhere on a site you should see a search box and you can search things like midi skirts, skater skirts, blouses, shorts etc to help narrow down what you maybe in searching for.  Just remember to still search for other clothing options then your norm you never know what may catch your eye.

Locate Physical Store

Usually all big name plus size fashion stores and carriers that have a physical store like Torrid, City Chic, Forever 21, J.C. Penney, Macy's and so on, have a website.  Therefore shopping or just going in to try things on in the physical store will help you know your size in their apparel.  Knowing your size at the physical store will make for an easy transition to online shopping because you know what to expect.  For instance I wear a 3X at Forever 21 so if I go to there website I know a 3X is the size I should be looking for and it should fit perfect. 

If you've never shopped online before I understand how it can be a little intimating.  Believe me the first time I ordered something online I was so nervous because I didn’t know what to expect.  I thought of these tips along the way with my online shopping experience and now I feel so comfortable doing my clothes shopping online it’s my favorite way to shop.  I hope these tips help you so you can take advantage of all the fashion options you have available online. 


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