I've Found The Plus Size Women's Wonder Bra!

Monday, June 26, 2017

When you finish reading this blog post I hope it changes your bra life forever!

Having big boobs I've always wanted a plunge bra.  I've been on the look out for one for years.  Unfortunately,  I've never found one that gave me a plunge without my boobs plunging too LOL.  That was until on one sunny winter day I went in to my local Lane Bryant, for my usual regular degular shemgular full coverage Lane Bryant Balconette bra.  They had some type of special going on that day if you bought three bra and you know your girl can't pass up a deal.  So, I got my balconette bra, a strapless bra, and the bra of all bra.  Just close your eyes and imagine a bra slightly floating over a clear pillar with golden light shinning on it and angels singing in the background...... that was basically how I saw the display for the Lane Bryant's Smooth Boost Plunge Bra  

Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!! This bra is everything.  When I tried it on I couldn't believe it.  My boobs have never sat that high before in my life.  This bra is honestly like getting a boob job for $38.50.

My days of avoiding deep v's are over!!!!

Check out the pics below of me wearing the bra.  I'm dramatic but I'm not exaggerating.

Making My Way Downtown......

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass and I'm home bound....... I felt like I was in Vanessa Carlton "A Thousand Miles" video in this look.  ( To be honest I had to google the artist and name of this song, I always thought it was called "Making My Way Downtown" LOL).  I'm loving pieces that are simple but girly right now.  That's why when I saw this Forever 21 Off The Shoulder Top I had to get it.  It's simple because it's a off the shoulder white top but the girly comes in with the ruffled detail and cute white pom poms.  What styles are you feeling for the summer?

7 Plus Size Bloggers Whose Style I'm Obsessed With

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I love how people have their own sense of style.  Something that I like may not be your cup of tea and vice versa, but sometimes people have styles that everyone can't help but love.  These 7 people have just that.  I'm loving their style right now, and I'm sure you will too.

1. @Orginal_Mangu

Listen!  When I first saw MaNgu of Original_Mangu, I was taken a back.  Her style is breathing taking.  She styles everything together so perfectly, it seems like the pieces were made for just the looks she creates.  I actually can't see her pieces being styled any other way.  Everything she puts on just seems to looks like it cost a million dollars.  To top it all off, she has a BUZZ cut that is life.  Be sure to go follow her a on Instagram and get your mind blown.

2.  @Hentai.Hunny

I love me some hentai.hunny.  I just love how she's able to switch up her style so effortlessly.  One day she looks like a Gothic princess and the next day she looks like a sexy anime pin up. One common thread, no matter what she's wearing is she looks amazing with not a eyebrow hair out of place (Her makeup game is ridiculous) Be sure to check her and out and prepare to be jealous of her eyebrows.

3. @TheBigFashionGuy

There's nothing like a big guy that can dress, Trust me I have one of my own.  The Big Fashion Guy style is the definition of a classic man. Blazers, fedoras, loafers, prints, pocket squares, wingtip shoes. you name it.  If it's damper he owns it.  He's a all around  modern man.  He has style, cooks, sews a lot of his own clothes, and gushes over his woman (Big Guys are winning ladies, join the team).  Be sure to check out @thebigfashionguy and his stylish lady @iamplusblog

4. @JanelleLangford

I just found Janelle Langford's page literally a few days ago, and was like "Where have you been all my life?"  Her style is is is is ......... so me!!!! LOL. I literally could see myself in everything she has posted. Furs, feathers, skirts, and stilettos are just a small portion of the fashion punch you're getting when visiting Janelle's page.  Google style and grace and see her face.

5. @ClassyCurves

When I think of Germany I always think of a gray sky and cold days, that was until I saw Stefanie of Classy Curves.  She definitely brings the heat to Germany.  1. She has a body people pay for and 2. She has the style of a rich young debutante; Expensive, Classy, and Sexy.  Go ahead and spice up your life and check her out.

6.  @InMyJoi

In my Joi just gives my so much life and color.  Honestly even when she is wearing all black, some how her look still comes through as bright and JOYFUL (no prun intended)  Style is all about what you make it and she makes it look cool, effortless, and fierce.  Be sure to check  her out.  I bet you can pick a favorite look, because they're all amazing.

7. @Personalbravery

Personalbravery's name I think is also reflected in her style. She's BRAVE enough to wear what she wants and and show off her PERSONAL style.  I love how her style is a mixature of everything.  Some looks are funky, some are 90's inspired, some are vintage, and some are afrocentic.  Her style is the true definition of personal style.  Their is no one like Personal Bravery, and I mean that in the most stylish, unique, true to yourself way possible.  She is for sure going to be my style inspo for some looks in the future.  Be sure to check her out, you won't be disappointed.

My Favorite Red Lip

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Being a WOC it’s sometimes hard to find a red lip that works right out the box that doesnt require the use of a lip liner. A few years ago I actually found that lipstick and have been using it every season ever since.  It’s a rich, bold, deep red lipstick called LAX by a brand called Colourpop.  I know. I know, you’re only “suppose” to wear deep rich lipsticks in the Fall and Winter months, but who made that rule?  I believe you can wear (makeup or fashion wise) whatever looks good on you whenever you want.  I’m the type of person that when I find something I love I use it and I use it often, no matter the season or any unwritten rules.

Have you ever tried LAX?

What’s your favorite lip color?

Me rocking my favorite LIPPIE LAX

Torrid Swim: Black on Black on SLAY

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Summer is HERE!!!!!! Here is another look from my 2017 Plus Size Swimwear Lookbook. 

I'm obsessed with this suit from Torrid.  It's a beautiful mesh strappy bikini top with mesh insert bottoms.  I honestly fault like I was in a Sports Illustrated shoot when I was wearing this suit LOL.  It held my girls up GREAT (I'm a 44DDD by the way) and the bottoms hold you in like nobody’s business.

My 2017 Plus Size Swimwear Lookbook is LIVE on YouTube now! Click this link to watch the full video: https://youtu.be/RkcP7i-vXE8 

Blog Update:  From now on I going to include the sizing of the items in my blog post.  I just realized I never do that. MY BAD!!!!!

Top and Bottom is a Torrid size 2

Cover Up: Forever 21 - 1X

Beachin' Ain't Easy Unless You Do It With Lane Bryant

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

It's that time of year again!  SWIMSUIT SEASON!  Every year the plus size swimwear selections gets better and better.  All this month, I will be posting my favorite swimsuits so far this season.  I'm kicking of Curvyology Swim Month with this banging swimsuit from Lane Bryant.  When I first saw this swimsuit I was in LOVE.  It's sleek and simple but the pharse printed on the front is everything "Beachin' Ain't Easy" and it's really not LOL.  Other then the pharse what really sold me on this suit was that it has a no wire built in bra! Extra support is really important to me and my girls.

I paired the suit with my favorite black kimino by Ashli James Collection on Etsy.  This kimino is life for me.  I'm 5'10 1/2 and since the kimino is custom made I was able to get it long enough to slighly kiss the ground.  I would have never been able to find something like that in stores.  Horray for the Ashli James Collection.

What swimsuits have you had your eye on so far this season?  Leave it in the comment section below, it may appear on my blog this month.

Want to see this look in action?  Click this link to check out my 2017 Plus Size Swimsuit Lookbook https://youtu.be/RkcP7i-vXE8


Fashion Nova Curve

Saturday, March 11, 2017

First, I fell in love with their jeans, then their dresses, now their tops.  Fashion Nova Curve legit is a one stop shop.  They are afforable (and everyone knows I love a good steal) and they have very trendy pieces.  Recently, I paired up another pair of jeans making these my 5th pair from them and a bodysuit.  No lie this is the first time I've worn a bodysuit since I was little girl and had the little onesis that snapped between my legs LOL.  I was a little hesitate but I'm glad I picked it up, mainly because I didnt have to worry about my top coming untucked.  So if you've never tried Fashion Nova Curve give them a try and let me know what you think.

Spring in Winter

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

One of the biggest benefits of living in San Diego is the weather.  No matter the season you can basically get away with wearing anything.  Case in point it's the middle of winter and it was the perfect time for me to wear this beautiful walnut colored ruffled dress from Forever 21.  This San Diego weather has me spoiled.  

Check out this look in motion by clicking this link to check it out in my latest YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/y62HRntddjo

What's the weather like in your city?

New Year Trying New Things

Friday, January 6, 2017

So with the new year here, I told myself I would try certain things fashion wise that I would normally never do.

Here are the two things I never normally do:

1.  I never wear my real hair out.  I normally have on a wig, my hair up in a bun, braids, or anything other than my natural hair.

2.  I never tuck my pants into ankle boots.  If they don't go over the knee my pants don't go in them.

So I went against the norm of what I'm use to this weekend and tired those two things.............. I'm so happy I did.  I loved it.  Fashion is all about having fun.  So I have no idea why I was limiting myself to certain things or thinking something wouldn't look good on me without trying it  Now that I thing about it, I think that's something we all do.  We rule something out before giving it a try, but like the old saying goes "You won't know if you don't try".  Tell me what you think about this look, and what things your'e going to be trying new this year??????

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Basic Pieces Go A Long Way

Monday, January 2, 2017

I've been obsessed with Forever 21 Plus for years, and every year they get better and better.  Right now I trying to stock up on my basic pieces.  I recently picked up this beautiful black asymmetrical dress from Forever 21 Plus.  This dress can transition from day to night easily, and is perfect for work and happy hour after.

To break up the black, I paired the dress with these beautiful holographic faux snake skin strappy sandals from GoJane.

Fashion Tip:  If you're low on funds, trying to save money in the New Year, or just creating a new wardrobe keep basic pieces high on your list of items to buy.  Buying basic pieces are great because you can get multiple uses out of them.  Think about it, people in your office would notice if you wore your rainbow colored button up to work twice in a week.  I'm pretty sure you could get away with wearing solid black slacks or a basic white button up more then once a week.  I hope this tip helps.

Shoes: Sold Out 

These Boots Were Made For Twirling....

Monday, November 14, 2016

Without fail every Fall I search for a pair of affordable over the knee boots that can fit over my knees, and usually every year I end up Googling "Custom Boot Makers In My Area".  This year the Boot Gods were working in my favor because my search wasn't long at all.  Googled plus size over the knee boots and a link for these beautiful suede boots from Target came up, I of course looked over them knowing their was no way in hell my legs would work in those boots.

Then after clicking every other link with no luck, I just decided to check out the Target boots, why not.  Then I started to read the reviews and saw a lot of people complaining that the boots were way to big around their calf and knee.  Then a light bulb went off, OMG THESE MIGHT WORK FOR ME.  So I went to my local Target and tried the boots on...................  Y'all they fit!  They fit like they were made for me.  I legit started dancing around Target with the boots on kicking like Mary J. Blige performing at The Bad Boy Reunion.  NO LIE my husband was looking at me like I was crazy.

I can't believe it.................  Finally my search is over.  A affordable, cute pair of over the knee boots are now in my closet.  Waiting for me to twirl in them again.

Suede Romper Forever 21
Suede Over The Knee Boots Target
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